Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Choose London Holiday Rentals for Explore the London Museums

London is the most important financial and historical capitals of the world. The city has attracted millions of visitors from all around the world for many years. You will find luxury apartments London to have a pleasurable stay and enjoy your vacation. The city is packed with museums and galleries. Most of the major museums of London offer free entry. Some are listed below.

British Museum:- 
It is one of the museums in the city of London that charges no entry fee. This was opened in the year 1753. You will find over than seven million amazing objects placed in this popular museum. This is not meant for a one day visit. This would take at least ten days to properly view everything stored in the museum. So it would advisable to stay in one of the comfortable London vacation apartment rentals and check every single object that are enhancing the value of it. The major things stored here are the collection of Greek and Egyptian antiquities.

National History Museum:- 
This museum is very popular for the dinosaur skeletons. The National History Museum is a fantastic building and one of the big three museums of South Kensington.

Science Museum:- 
This museum was established in the year 1857. The objects displayed here permanently are free to see.

Museum of London Docklands:- 
This museum makes you know about the history of London from the Roman settlement to Dockland’s regeneration. At the same time it opens the history of river, port and people of London. It can be an interesting part of your trip to the city London. This museum is totally free of cost throughout the year.

Victoria and Albert Museum:-
This museum is well known for the fine art and design and it is one of the great museums of South Kensington. You will find the artifacts here about 3000 years old those belong to the world’s richest culture. It includes the collection of British design and art in between the time period 1500 to 1900.

Museum of London:-
The Museum of London carries the history of London. It has seven permanent exhibition galleries that describe the history of this city starting from the prehistoric time to the end of the 19th century. This one is a world’s largest city museum.  

Horniman Museum:-  
The Horniman Museum is placed in the South London. This is another museum in the city London which allows you to visit at free of cost. This museum is an excellent option to know the culture of the world.

The RAF Museum:-
This museum is completely free to visit throughout the year. This is situated in the north west of the city. Here you can find a 3D cinema and the fun activities that make your visit great.